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Hailing from Glasgow, I’m fairly comfortable with the idea of using an underground train to travel around the city but compared to the Metro system in Barcelona , Glasgow hasn’t even touched on what is capable for connecting a city.

A quick look at the map for the Metro indicates there are 9 lines in total and 150 different stations, which means for a tourist in Barcelona , there probably aren’t many places you would wish to visit that isn’t covered by the Metro lines.

On a visit to the city in 2006 primarily to go to the Summercase music festival, you can imagine our delight when we found that a metro line from very close by our hostel operated directly to the festival site, the Forum, situated in the industrial area of the city. This is quite a distance away from the main hub of Barcelona and we were unsure of how to get there but the Metro line was quick, cheap and equally important, was ferrying a large amount of festival goers to the site, which meant that the party atmosphere was available long before we arrived at our destination.

Compared to the underground in Glasgow , the Metro is Barcelona was impeccably clean and even though journeys at rush hour traffic meant that we had to stand, there was no great hassle and shoving, which is in great contrast to crowded trains in Britain .

It may be underground and thereby denying you views of what the city has to offer but if you know where you’re going and want to get there fast, the Metro line in Barcelona is a great way to travel around the city.

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