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Making a city break to Europe can bring some brilliant times and a welcome break away from life at home but it has to be said, there are always some things you miss when you are away. For some, its home made cooking, others friends and family but for many people, it’s the football, which some people will refer to as soccer!

Barcelona hosts countless weekend tourists from Britain each weekend and if you are ever in the city, you could do worse than checking out the Michael Collins pub to keep up to date with all the football from back home.

Situated opposite the Placa de la Sagrada Familia and in the shadow of one of Barcelona most famous landmarks, it’s a fairly popular location and one that is hard to miss.

Featuring all the live matches that you could find in a pub back home in Britain as well as any rugby match that finds its way onto the satellite channels, and one of the best pints of Guinness you will find in the city, it’s a place to add to your sightseeing list if you are a sports fanatic and cant bear missing the action when you are travelling.

With live music in addition to all the football, its hard not to have a good time in the bar, although a lot of that depends on whether your team managed to get a result or not.

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