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I decided to make it a Gaudi day. There is a museum where you can find all of the places that Gaudi had a hand in. However, I just glanced over the map, made a few notes and went on my way withour a tour guise or expensive Gaudi-specific map. I started with the cathedral that will take a very long time to complete. It was like Antoni Gaudi was tripping on mushrooms, drank a bottle of Absinthe then read Dr. Suess. It was incredible. Since I had planned to visit other buildings, I decided not to tour it.

Next was the Parc Gruell. After walking up the hill and turning the corner, I saw one of the most incredible sights I have ever seen. Tile and rocks, things that should not have been, were. It was built for the wealthy and wasn't actually completed because Gaudi went bankrupt before finishing it. There was a guy playing classical guitar in the center of it all and it just floated over the park. It felt like Disneyworld but it was more than that. I took pictures, but it was one of those experiences that you can't actually grasp unless you see everything on top and around everything else. You just have to be there. The park is free and offers one of the best views of Barcelona.

Gaudi's house was also on the property. Come to find out, he didn't actually build it, but he updated some of the tiles, the door handles, etc. I paid 4 EUR but was very disappointed. It was one of the few times I felt like I had wasted my money in a museum. There was nothing on his life, his past, or his buildings. In fact, there was another artist whose drawings were in the basement.

Once I got off the metro near Gaudi's two apartment buildings, I was again in awe of the artistry. This building was like it was oozing. One was not on tour, but the other, La Pedrara was. The attic housed Gaudi's life, but more about how Barcelona was at the time the building was built. Then you got to tour the roof. I actually gasped when I got up there. It was more incredible than the park. I just happened to be there at sunset (one of the last tours of the day), so I have some of the most spectacular photographs I've taken on this trip. It's hard not to take good photos of Gaudi's work.

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