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Spanish Words

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A few useful Spanish words that will make your visit more enjoyable, give them a go. You will find that many people in Barcelona use Catalan as their language which may complicate matters!

Good morning: buenos dias
Good evening
: buenos tardes
Goodbye: Adios

Please: por favor
Thank you: gracias (add muchas for very much)

Price: precio
Free: gratis

Metro station: estacion de metro
Exit: salida
Entrance: entrada
Left: izquierrda
Right: derecha
Here: aqui

Today: hoy
Yesterday: ayer

Monday: lunes
Tuesday: martes
Wednesday: miercoles
Thursday: jueves
Friday: viernes
Saturday: domingo

1: uno
2: dos
3: tres
4: cuatro
5: cinco
6: seis
7: siete
8: ocho
9: nueve

Duck: pato
Beef: buey
Rabbit: conejo
Turkey: pavo
Lamb: cordero

Prawns: gambas
Lobster: bogavante

Well done: bien hecho
Medium: medio hecho
Rare: poco hecho


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